Once you enable the Property Module, the next concept you are likely to explore is Property Insurance.

Once a student has brought a property, they will have the option to apply for property insurance. There is an application form which they will need to fill out.

Your students can choose which details they select. While they do effect the premium students pay, the rationale for including these options is that it hopefully gets students thinking about the type of factors that effect premiums.

You could also charge your students for adding the likes of the pool and a second story (you can just make these prices up), and then the students are allowed to add these features to their house.

Fun tip:
Create a map on your classroom wall and have the students add their properties as they buy them. You can add a rural zone too. 😄

Get creative, and add artificial glass/green paper, and animals and diggers for the rural area. You can also print out swimming pools, trees etc to add. 

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