The 'Job Market' is where you can access all the information about the jobs in your classroom.
You can add a new job, by clicking the button and filling out the appropriate information: 

You can also make use of the 'type' of job. If you want your jobs to change regularly you can make them temporary (rather than full time or part time), which will allow you to indicate the duration of the job and will automatically have an end date. When the job is finished, it becomes available on the job market again and the student automatically reapplies for the same job, so you can choose to re-hire the same student or allocate the job to a new student.  
NB: temporary salaries are not paid until the end of the contract, so students do not receive a weekly wage if this option is selected. 

If you click on the 'edit' button next to any of the jobs listed on your job market you can make any changes you like:

All aspects that are 'clickable' can be edited, so you can change the job title, description, type, pay amount and how often it occurs, the number of positions and you can terminate any employees by clicking the little grey cross next to their name. When you have made the changes you want, just click the green 'update job' button and voila you're done. You can delete the job entirely by clicking the 'delete job' button. 

If you haven't made your jobs temporary and you would like change all the jobs in your class there is an option to 'terminate all contracts' at the bottom of the page.

Jobs are only available on the job market for students if there are positions available, otherwise, just like the real world, they can't apply for the job. So terminating all contracts will make all jobs available for students to apply. 

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