The Expenses Module is designed to make it easier for you to set classroom expenses, such as desk and device rental, ensure students are then paying these expenses, as well as being easy enough for students to interact with.

Unlike other modules, the Expenses Module does not require enabling to get started. Simply follow the following steps:

  1. Select the Expenses Module from under Income and Careers on the sidebar;
  2. Select from one of our pre-populated draft expenses (such as Desk Rent, Tote Tray Rent and Device Rental), edit the details of one of these pre-populated draft expenses (such as their reference, amount or frequency) or create your own expense from scratch; and then
  3. Set your desired expenses as active by clicking on the draft/active toggle button next to them. 

The Expenses Module will only appear in your students' sidebar when you have set your first expense as active. We recommend not doing this until you're in class with your students and have introduced the classroom expenses to them (as you'll read below, setting them as active starts a 7 day countdown).

Once you have set an expense as active your students will see their Expenses Module on their sidebar and a 'Requested payments from The Bank' widget will appear on their dashboard. Students will then be able to setup an automatic payment for their expense(s) from either their module or dashboard widget by clicking the 'setup' button. This will pre-populate all of the particulars of the required automatic payment for students, so all they'll have to do is click 'make payment to all selected accounts'.

If a student doesn't setup the requested payment up in 7 days, Banqer will automatically set it up for them. Once setup, students won't be able to edit or delete the payment - so there's no chance of them playing the system. This also means that if they don't have enough money, the automatic payment will still go through, and your student will go into overdraft.

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