When you sign up to Banqer we ask you to add all of your students. But we know that things can change throughout the year as students come and go. If you get a new addition to your classroom you can easily add them to your Banqer account. The video below explains how to do this.

Have a look at how to edit a student's balance to bring them up to speed with their classmates.

So to recap:

  • Head over to the 'Manage students' tab
  • Click the 'add new student/s' button
  • Add your student/s names on each line
  • Click 'add student' button
  • Click 'next step'
  • Assign your student to a year level
  • Assign a gender to your student
  • Give your new student their username and password for them to get going
  • Consider editing their account balance
  • Party time
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