When you signed up and added your students we asked you to add your students to a year group. This is so that we can provide an appropriate quiz for your students to sit, and over time we hope that we will be able to alter the Banqer experience depending on student year levels as well. 

These need to be accurate, so if you made a mistake or a student changes year levels during the school year you can always update these. Check out the video below to learn how changing year levels is done:

So to recap:

  • Head over to the 'Manage students' tab
  • Up the top, click on the 'Year levels' bar
  • Click on the year level the student has been wrongly assigned to
  • In the 'Students in year level' tab, tick the checkbox next to the name of the student who has been wrongly assigned
  • Click the 'Remove student' button
  • Close out of that window
  • Click the green 'Add a year level button' and assign your student to the correct year
  • Party time

This one involves a few more steps that some of the other changes. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you get stuck at one of the steps along the way and we can jump in to help.

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