When your students first get their Banqer accounts they're going to be pretty excited. For what my be the first time in their life they have money to play with. What I've seen happen first hand and have heard from a number of other teachers is that their students go a little crazy and transfer all of their money to their friends.


Children can do unexplainable things, but we chalk this one up to them exercising their control without yet understanding the consequences. The problems arise when the students realise they can't get their money back. This can create classroom squabbles that no teacher likes.

So we created a simple checkbox to solve this potential problem. When checked it's like your students have their financial training wheels on. They're limited in who they can transact with; once you and they're also able to transfer money between their expenses and savings accounts but not to their classmates.

Here's a video explaining what I mean:

So if you think your class might be at risk of this simply check this checkbox. It's unchecked by default, so do it early to avoid any dramas whatsoever. Or you may think that leaving it unchecked creates a very authentic learning opportunity for your students. I'll let you make that call.

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