The first thing your students face when they enter Banqer is the kick-off quiz. This comprises of ten short questions which should take no longer than 15 minutes for your students to complete. Your students will sit a different quiz depending on what year level you assigned them to.

After they've completed the kick-off quiz they will be awarded $10.00 (or an amount that you choose) which goes into their Banqer account (regardless of their result). You'll be notified of the progress of your students in completing the quiz via your dashboard.

You'll also want to see the results right? You can do this by clicking on the 'Literacy' tab in the left-hand sidebar. Quick tip: if you click on the question number, you'll be able to see the question itself. These should then prompt you in terms of any collective strengths or weaknesses in your classroom and could direct where you emphasise learning.

At the end of the school year you can trigger the final quiz. This is when your students get a chance to resit the quiz and see how they've improved. We then provide you with those results as well, I got an average of a 6% improvement class wide this year which I'm really happy about. Students are also rewarded $50.00 for the final quiz, but only if they beat their score from the kick-off quiz.

Next year I'm hoping to see a 10%+ improvement. I'm going to achieve this by better assessing the gaps in my students learning through the results from their kick-off quiz and use the appropriate Banqer modules to fill these.

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