Financial education isn't straightforward. It's based on bias and behaviours and a whole lot of other messy things. We can test a student's financial literacy easily enough but what does that really tell us? It tells us what a student knows about money, which is a great starting point but we thought we could do better.

Knowing what you should do with money is one thing, but actually doing it is another. I not only want to see my students understand a financial concept on an intellectual level, but I want to see that they've adopted good financial behaviours as well.

This is why we allow you to keep track of your students' progress via their financial capabilities. 

You can find these under 'Capabilities' in the left-hand sidebar.

This tab shows how your class is going as a whole and also at an individual level. I use these to influence what concepts I need to emphasis, or make any necessary tweaks to my enabled modules. 

I understand this fluid way of assessment might be different to what you're used to but used in conjunction with the quizzes I've found this to be a really powerful assessment tool for my students.

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