Sometimes it can feel like the deeper you dive into Banqer, the more work there is for you. More payments to make, transactions to check up on, and more general troubleshooting to do. I found this was the case in my classroom, and like you my time is precious. I'd rather be teaching my students than managing a tool.

This is why we created 'Student Bankers'.

At any time you can assign the Student Banker status to a trusted student (or students) in your class. Student Bankers have the ability to act on your behalf; making payments and debits from the classroom account. They can also see all transactions that flow through the classroom, meaning they can check up on payments from their peers.

This means you spend less time doing the classroom management in Banqer and can focus on really adding value to the experience. It also gives some of your students high levels of responsibility and possibly a new pay check for their efforts.

Here's a video explaining what I mean and outlining how to make a student a Student Banker:

Hopefully you've already got a student in mind that can help you out and take on the role of Student Banker!

Student Banker Steps:

Here is a video explaining how the student bankers can make payments and take debits on your behalf:

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