In order for Banqer to work, the classroom currency underpinning it needs to have a worth in your classroom. Just like earning money is different in every classroom, so too is spending it. Let's explore some ideas on how your students can spend their hard earned cash.

Class expenses/bills are a great starting point. Weekly wifi, power, cleaning, and heating bills. Rent paid for desks, devices, and other classroom equipment. As your students earn more money, make sure to balance this out with fair contributions to the classroom.

Perhaps a more exciting way for students to spend money is to include both tangible and intangible goods. Holding an end of term auction for your classroom is a great starting point. If you don't have the funds to buy items, get students to donate old items to the auction. Market days where students sell goods they have made are also a great way to spend what the students have earned. You can also set up a shop listing things like '10 minutes on the iPad' and an associated price. Your creativity is really the only thing restricting you. We collated some great ideas from a webinar we held which I'd highly recommend reading.

Also be aware that students may also be paying bills/expenses within Banqer. Depending on how far you have progressed and what modules you have enabled, students may be paying weekly tax, mortgage repayments, or insurance premiums.

Lastly Banqer can also be used for behaviour management purposes. My students have to buy back any lost property that finds it's way to me, and are fined on the spot for running in class or any other behaviours that go against our school rules. This makes my life as a teacher easier and has also reduced these incidents happening.

I'd love to hear any good ideas you have for spending your classroom currency. Feel free to share with us all by posting on the Banqer community.

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